Australian BPM Community

We Australians are making a strong contribution to the Business Process Management body of knowledge, however I could be biased being an Aussie and in the field!

If you would like to learn more about the Australian BPM community, here is a summary of what is on offer. (I am sure that I will not cover everything here, please let me know if there are other items that can be added).

BPTrends Forums

A great place to start is your local BPTrends Forum. These user groups are a coming together of BPM practitioners, consultants and vendors to hear about and discuss BPM topics of interest. Generally each forum will meet bi-monthly and will include a presentation of a case study, research or concept, discussion on the topic and will usually round-off with refreshments and networking.

There are BPTrends forums in most capital cities (Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane), to find out about your local forum, contact the national coordinator, Imre Hegedus, or check out the events page on Imre’s website.

Other Forums

There are other forums that cover Business Process Management, such as the Australian Business Analysts Association (ABAA). I am not a member, and have not been to a meeting (although I hope to rectify this), so I will update you when I know a little more. (If you have your own review, send it to me and I will post it).

QUT and BPM Roundtable

A key contributor to the development of BPM in Australia is the Business Process Management group at QUT. There is a significant amount of research being done in the group and they collaborate well across the spectrum of the BPM community and a really good part of this is the BPM Roundtable for which they facilitate.

The BPM Roundtable has been bringing the leading BPM practitioners and thought leaders in Australia together on a quarterly basis for nearly 4 years. Through it’s invited membership, it maintains a high quality of interaction, sharing and collaboration on BPM. I personally have found it a very rewarding group to work with and it has opened the door to a higher level of knowledge about the practical application of BPM in Australian organisations.

To tie it all together, the website has been created. The objective of this site is to bring together the members of the Australian BPM Community to share knowledge and collaborate on BPM areas of interest. The “collaboration” aspect is the key component and members are expected to contribute to the development of content on BPM topics, as well as use the site as a reference and networking tool.

Accordingly contains a interactive knowledge base, areas to post questions and comments, video snapshots and information about presentations, articles and events. The initial work of the BPM Roundtable (a process framework called “The Process of Process Management”) has been moved to BPM collaborations for further development.

To access the site you need to be registered and you will need to be invited by a member of the community (send me an e-mail if you need an invitation).

BPM Networks

Finally, it will be great to meet up at the BPM forums or related conferences and maintain your relationships afterwards by keeping in contact and contributing to the groups and blogs available on-line. Besides my site, LinkedIn has a number of well connected BPM groups and the Question and Answer section is great for researching particular topics. Feel free to connect to me on LinkedIn to check out my groups and questions.
Let me know if this has been useful, I would like to hear about your experiences.