Method in my BPM Madness!

At the recent Australian BPM Round table session I did a quick survey of participants to see, amongst other things, what BPM Frameworks are being used in Australian organisations?

I was not surprised by the result, however it is interesting that out of 20 organisations there was not 1 recognised BPM Framework that had been adopted; and comments were even made that they are not necessary. I think this last comment related to the terminology being used.

I have recently added a new page to the Executive Guide to BPM explaining what a BPM Framework is and why they are needed. See the Process of Process Management. For me, implementing BPM is implementing a Business Process and therefore you need a guide on how you are doing it!

What BPM Frameworks are there?

The challenge is finding and evaluating a Framework. There are three main sources;

  1. Books
  2. Training
  3. Vendors

I was introduced to my first Framework by Roger Burlton of the Process Renewal Group. The Process Renewal Group Framework is based on Roger’s book, Business Process Management: Profiting From Process; however the best understanding of the Framework and the techniques to implement it came from attending Roger’s training course and being mentored by the Group.

There are other Frameworks that come from similar sources, and consequently I have not had the opportunity to review any of them, I just know that they exist from web research. Frameworks from and Management By Process are examples of training / consultant led offerings.

Another option is to adopt the processes recommended by your BPMS vendor. The advantage of this option is that the framework is tailored to the tools you have available. This can also be a disadvantage if you do not already use the tool as the training seems to be inherently linked, even if the framework is generically good. An example of this may be the framework promoted by Appian.

There may be some more generic options, such as the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) Common Body of Knowledge. As I am not a member I have not reviewed this framework; however there is a good summary presentation available, see Guide to BPM CBOK.

The Round Table also attempted to develop a common methodology which was called The Process of Process Improvement (TPPI). The output of the exercise can be found on the BPM-Collaboration TPPI Wiki (registration is required).

At the moment I am evaluating the BPTrends methodology that is based on the book Business Process Change by Paul Harmon. This methodology is supported in Australian by Leonardo Consulting who have written an excellent summary of the methodology and the certification program that they offer; see Achieving Process-Based Management.

I am sure there are many BPM Framework offerings that I have not covered here. If you know of one or you have a framework or methodology to offer – please leave a comment to let me know. I am also keen to collect or create reviews of the Frameworks that are available.

What Framework are you using or considering?

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8 Responses to Method in my BPM Madness!

  1. Thanks Craig, you dedication to late night weblog reading is amazing!

    And yes, it only took 10 minutes to find one I missed during my scan. Have you used / reviewed the Tool-kits? It is a bit hard to tell from the website exactly what Process methods are; however the over-all principals and approach are quite strong.


  2. A. Samarin says:

    Check out the book “Improving enterprise business process management systems” at

    Its first chapter is publicly available –


  3. Hi Alexander, looks like I have some reading to do 🙂

    I have added your site to our “Process on the Web” page.


  4. Andrew Warner says:

    I just tried to post a comment but your antispam WP-SpamFree complained about it!

    Alec Sharp and Patrick McDermott in Workflow Modelling, 2nd Ed., John Owens Integrated Modelling Method, Rummler-Brache, Performance Design Lab, lastly the Viable System Model.

    I can’t seem to get any links past your antispam filter but if you want more please feel free to email me.


  5. Hi Andrew, I am not sure why WP-SpamFree does not like your links, I guess I need to work on that process. Unfortunately spam filters are important on a blog, spam represents about 98% of comments!

    I expect you are referring to;
    Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development, 2nd Edition

    However I could not find the second and third book, I will get you to send me the links to share. I would also be interested if you have a review of these as I have not read them myself.

    I will need to read up on The Viable System Model to see how it fits with BPM?

    Thanks Andrew, I appreciate your comment

  6. Asmi Ali says:

    Hi Craig – please review the tool I have made on this topic – appreciate your expert opinion. There are 2 videos on the website that will provide you an overview of the concept.

  7. Thanks Asmi, your video looks good and the BPI steps are very practical.

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