Upcoming Australian Process Training

Roger Tregear from Leonardo Education and ProcessDays has announced 2 interesting upcoming BPM training opportunities.

The first sessions are entitled “Creating Business Process Success”. They are scheduled for March and involve the trio of Andrew Spanyi, Michael Roseman and Roger Tregear himself. The sessions sound very interesting and very practical – an opportunity to learn the real BPM and how to Engage, Improve and Sustain. For more information go to the Leonardo Education website.

Following on from the upcoming ProcessDays conference in July, Alec Sharp will be visiting Australia. I am looking forward to seeing Alec in person after our short exchanges during the “live” session at last years event.

Thanks to Roger and Leonardo Education for organising these great sounding sessions!  Let me know if there are any other events coming up in Australia – we don’t get that many good BPM seminar opportunities in Australia. The more we can support them, the more international experts we can talk into visiting (I know they really enjoying coming down under 🙂

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2 Responses to Upcoming Australian Process Training

  1. Hey Craig – welcome back to the blog fold!

    I was thinking about doing some of the Leonardo training – even though the outside-in people will probably want to kill me! have you done any of their courses yourself?

    Alec Sharp was a real highlight of processdays last year I will need to try to catch up with him myself. It would be nice to catch up for a beer if you are at processdays this year. I won’t be going this year…

  2. Thanks for the comment Craig, good to be back 🙂

    I have not attended any of the BPTrends training, however I have evaluated and recommended it for my organisation (before I then left and did not get a chance to do it myself). I have attended Roger Burlton’s training that is based on similar methodologies, which was “life changing” excellent.

    I am a fan of Paul Harmon’s book “Business Process Change” and the BPTrends methodology, I have recently reviewed the training with Roger Tregear and I expect it would be very good.

    I hope to get an opportunity to spend some time with Alec at Process Days, I will be attending and will be more into it than last year, and drinks are always good when we’re in town 🙂

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