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After my recent hiatus I am planning a comeback!  I had not been involved in the BPM community over the last few months as I had heavy work commitments, that were not really BPM related (it was more like being a Systems Analyst).

However I have recently said goodbye to BHPBilliton to take up a BPM Consultant role at APA Group. This means that I will be back to thinking process. The better for you!

During the last few months I found it very difficult to keep track of all the different BPM postings across the internet. Jamie at BPM Collaboration had a great idea to create a page that displayed a summary of BPM blog sites; however you have to open his page directly to read it. I was looking for an aggregated source that could be accessed easily during my day, on the train, on my phone!

So I created BPMBlogs. BPMBlogs is a Twitter account that provides a summary of BPM blogs postings. You can follow this account on Twitter and see what is being posted to the BPM Blog space as part your regular reading.

You can also access the combined BPM Blogs as a Yahoo Pipes Feed, if you want to read the entries directly or import the feed into your own RSS reader.

Check it out!  It is still a work in progress, so let me know what you think – What sites should I add to the list?

note: I did have to remove some sites that I originally wanted to add as their RSS feeds were not compatible with Yahoo Pipes!

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  1. Jamie Cornes says:


    I’d have to agree about the comment on having to login to to view the External Feeds, even I find that aspect a little annoying. Even worse is the error that shows up once each couple of hours.

    I’ve also looked for an aggregation solution (besides using Google Reader), and created the following:

    My parting comment, is that I’ve almost convinced myself that I should be trying to overcome the annoyance factor and making sure that I visit on a more regular basis.


  2. Hey Jamie.

    Thanks for the feedback. Ahh feedstitch, I did not find that one when I was looking for a solution to this little problem!

    I have just setup the BPMBlogs Full feed to go to Google Reader and then using an RSS reader on the iPhone to read it. Works great! No more boring train trips.

    The BPM-Collaboration site is looking really good (well done). I’ll be getting there regularly, and even saving some content to put up. Let’s challenge ourselves to get the Australian BPM community fired by November!


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