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I am collecting; building my own collection of BPM related websites. The links section of this blog website includes links to Process Management Blogs, Associations, Vendors & Consultants and sites with articles and other information about BPM.

I will have a handy collection of information that I used to store in link sites, browser bookmark bars and on little scraps of paper, and I don’t mind if you use it too. Even better, if you have a link you would like to share – let me know and I will add it to the collection.

I want to make a special mention of the link I added today. ARIS BPM Blog, although a vendor sponsored site, contains really good general information about BPM, however my favourite thing is ARIS TV – a (so far) short video series on BPM which incorporates ARIS’s great slogan “We BPM”.

Episode 6 of the ARIS TV series includes an interview with Professor Michael Roseman from QUT. I am a fan of the work that Michael and his team have done on BPM Maturity and developing BPM strategy. (more on this later..)

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4 Responses to We Love BPM and other Process Blogs

  1. Ruth Stark says:

    Hi Craig,

    Another BPM site is PNMsoft (www.pnmsoft.com) – blog is (www.pnmsoft.com/bpm-blog.aspx)
    They are a BPM vendor in the Microsoft space.
    Their tool is a web based process designer with simulation,process execution, monitoring and is used by non-programmers (like me) as it it is all wizard based.


  2. Daniel says:

    Take a look in http://www.pageflakes.com/elogroup, it is a clipping where you can see the last 5 post of many blogs and websites of BPM.

  3. Thanks Daniel, that is an excellent page and an excellent service.

    Great work – that’s going straight on to the Link List!


  4. Sweta says:

    Hi Craig, Even we have started a new blogsite (http://bpmgeek.com/ ) on BPM which is geeting very good response these days. our attempt is to put all the materials right from the base and provide the platform for the BPM professional.
    I also invite you to visit the site.

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