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Recently I have strated using the Questions & Answer features of the LinkedIn website.  If you have not signed up on LinkedIn or used the Questions and Answers, I highly recommend doing so.  I have found LinkedIn to be a very rewarding way to learn about professionals in the BPM field (and many other fields) and to gain amazing access to the combined knowledge of millions of people!

The Question and Answer section is quite simple, you post a question and anyone can provide you with answers. If you are lucky and you have written an interesting question, you will get lots of answers.  After you have received your answers you can also choose the person who gave you the best answer, they are then credited on their profile as being a bit of an expert on the topic!

The first thing I noticed when looking at the Q & A section was that there was no category relating to Business Process Management, or anything similar. The closest match I could find was, “Business Analytics”.  However, I did get some good responses to my questions.

The best way to use the Q&A section is to get in and answer some questions. So go on – give it a go!

I will be featuring a review of the answers to questions I ask on the blog.  If there is a particular topics that you are interested in asking about (and don’t want to do it yourself), add a comment here and I’ll post it up.

If you are interested in learning more about using LinkedIn, I recommend listening to Stan Relihan‘s podcast, The Connections Show.  Stan covers a range of practical topics on using LinkedIn for business and networking – as well as other interesting internet and business related areas. A great listen!

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2 Responses to BPM Questions on LinkedIn

  1. Hi Craig – there are quite a few process related groups – have you seen these? You can then post questions within the groups themselves. However, saying that I’ve found the response rate to be pretty low to any questions I have asked and often not hugely useful! If you’d like a list of the groups I’m in drop me a line. I’ll send you a linked in request anyway. Cheers, The Process Ninja.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about LinkedIn groups Craig. I have added a new post to cover them.

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