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In the previous post I talked about the use of the LinkedIn Q&A section to ask questions about BPM topics and (hopefully) get some very insightful responses.

Craig from The Process Ninja reminded me about the many BPM groups on LinkedIn which I had neglected to mention. This is probably because I agree with Craig’s analysis that the response rates to questions in the groups is low, mainly because there is not the same rigor and reward around questions in groups as there is in the Q&A section.

The BPM groups on LinkedIn are a good way to associate with like minded LinkedIn members or make contacts and share information about BPM. You can have a regular e-mail sent to you with a summary of new discussions in each group, I find I can quickly scan the e-mail for interesting content and then go to the group directly if I find something worthwhile.

You can see the groups that I am a member of by opening my LinkedIn Profile.  Some of the interesting groups are;

BPM Australia – Small group, not much discussion, good for finding local (to me) connections.

BPM Group – Mainly international job ads.

BPM Guru – Fair bit of Q&A, quite interesting.

Business Process Professionals – Quite good Q&A, good links to resources.

Lean Enterprise Australian and New Zealand – Reasonably new group with lots of activity and interesting people discussing Lean.

LinkedBPM – Another BPM Group

There are many others that I have not mentioned or joined, this is mainly because a fair amount of the discussion is repeated across the groups. I find this collection gives me more than enough to be interested and informed.

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