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Jamie, the administrator of BPM Collaboration is revamping the website ahead of this week’s BPM Roundtable gathering in Melbourne. Jamie is updating the front page of the site to better highlight the content and encourage more members of the community to contribute.

The new front page will feature profiles of the BPM practitioners who use the site: I volunteered to go first. You can check out My Profile, however you will have to join the site first if you are not already a member.

In the next couple of days I will also post an idea / request to undertake research into the understanding of BPM at different levels of organisations. I will post more details on The Process Executive when it is up.

Well done Jamie, and the rest of you – check it out.

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2 Responses to Appearance on BPM Collaboration

  1. Jamie Cornes says:


    Thanks again for being the first volunteer.

    Since putting together the interview, I’ve also found the time to provide a website survey for Suggest that you have a look at both this and the Process Ownership survey to see if this could be an effective tool for initial information gathering.


  2. Hi Jamie,

    I was more than happy to be the pioneer for your Practitioner profiles, and I have completed the survey.

    I am very hopeful that we can create and maintain a strong momentum of collaboration through the site. I really enjoyed the work we did on “The Process of Process Management” (TPPM), it would be good to continue that work and publish it.


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