The Process Executive

I regularly have a conversation, either socially or professionally, that starts when the following questions is asked;

“Craig, what do you do?”, for which the answer is;

“I’m a Process Improvement Specialist”.

This is usually followed by a long pause, and then the inevitable, “What do they do?”

This is where I get to test my companions patience as I explain the various facets of Process Improvement and Business Process Management and how my role can be involved in improving the steps of a process all the way to leading organisational strategy.

Therefore the objective of this, and subsequent communications, is to better understand the roles around Business Process Management and allow me to better answer the above question and be invited back to more social gatherings.

So, how am I going to do this?

Well, I am glad you asked. The objectives of this site will be;

* To present commentary on BPM subjects that promote others to think and comment.
* To provide a summary of resources across the web, sites, blogs, articles, tools, groups and conferences.
* To link people who are thinkers in the field.

So, what are you going to do?

Join in!  Provide feedback, share your thoughts, comment, discuss or even write your own article – I’m more than happy to share all views!

If all goes well, I am also planning to produce a BPM Podcast series, interviewing leaders in the field to cover the topics that we are all interested in. If you would be interested in the podcast, let me know, especially if you have a suggestion for people to interview.

On with the show, as I get researching and writing, let me know about yourself

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